Lauren Seabrook

Hi, I’m Lauren!

Welcome to my online portfolio, showcasing a variety of my work which centres around Video and Graphic Design.

I have a vast amount of knowledge of the Adobe Suite, particularly Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Premier Pro, After Effects and Lightroom.

I specialise in storytelling videos for brands and clients, marketing collateral and brand identity. I can capture and edit video to a high standard and have been doing this for 6 years, since introducing video to my photography business.

For the past two years, I have solely taken over the responsibility of video creation at 1Spatial, something that was previously outsourced. I am based in Cambridge but work collaboratively with our offices around the world in Australia, France and the US.



I worked with the product team on a series of ‘How To’ videos to showcase some of the new key features introduced into the new update. I created subtitles for these videos in both English and French.

Terri & Lori

I have designed many marketing materials for the Terri & Lori brand, including logos, brochures, info-graphics and web banners.

The below designs were used for the wedding brand as well as the studio brand, and used across social media and on the website. All designs were created on Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.

The Brand Studio

The Brand Studio required a set of promotional videos that showcased their work for use on their website and social media. The videos were shot on location in London and audio was recorded to layer over the imagery.

The imagery was put together to tell the story of their business, as well as to promote branding sessions that are held seasonally. I have an ongoing relationship with The Brand Studio and work with them on the majority of their brand sessions, allowing me to capture video for multiple other wedding creatives.

Luella's Bridal

Luella’s Bridal required a tutorial measuring video to be created for their clients to watch on their website.

The brief was to film the video on location and put together a step-by-step guide with text instructions instead of a voiceover. The idea was to create a relaxing video that clients could watch and imitate in the comfort of their own home.

Wedding Professionals

I have worked with multiple wedding industry professionals over the years, producing brand videos that help showcase their business. I adore working with industry experts – wedding venues, florists, wedding planners and caterers – to show off their personality and creativity in their videos.

Many videos that I have shot, have been through working with The Brand Studio who facilitate the styling and brand photos whilst I create the videos alongside. These videos are commonly used on the creatives social media accounts or on their website as an insight into how they run their business.

Oil in the Engine

Oil in the Engine required an updated set of conversation sheets based on their newly designed PDF brochure.

I was tasked to create a new header design for their printable pages,  along with re-designing the text layout of the all the sheets. I designed a gradient wave for the pages based around the wave below their logo, and worked up a number of colour options.

Once we came to a decision on the header design, I started work on the page layouts for which the brief was simple and clean. These were based on previous conversation sheets which had originally been designed in Word.

For this project, I used Illustrator to design the page headers, and InDesign to create the page layouts.

Since working on these conversation pages, I have been working on the brand’s social media designing content that is in-keeping with their current branding, but more up-to-date design-led for Instagram.


Bookmachine requires monthly video updates to share with their followers and members on social media. Due to the limitations of the pandemic, I was tasked in editing the videos after the company founder filmed herself talking  to camera.

Using Loom, I screen recorded the Bookmachine website to add these into the video where they were mentioned. This really helped to break up the continuous footage and give the viewer some added interest.

I added some music and a title sequence to the video, and designed the thumbnail for use on Youtube.

Emily Tallulah

Emily Tallulah required a tutorial video to show her customers how to make a Christmas Wreath to go alongside the sale of her DIY wreath boxes.

Visuals were filmed on location at her flower studio, however we did have a few limitations with sound due to the studio located next to a main road.

Sung Blue Studio

Recently I have been working with small businesses on creating short GIFs of their products for use on social media. These short videos are formed through stop motion and help bring products to life or show consumers how they work or are used.